UIUC - ARL On-Site Visit (Schedule, Slides, and Presentations)

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ARL onsite visit to UIUC

1. General Overview of INARC Research at UIUC

1.1 Research overview of Jiawei Han's Group

1.2 Research overview of Thomas Huang's Group

1.3 Research overview of Dan Roth's Group

1.4 Research overview of Tarek Abdelzaher's Group

2. Group-Based Research Reports

2.1 Thomas Huang's Group

  1. Liangliang Cao: Geo-Tagged Social Media and Its Applications slides
  2. Guo-Jun Qi: On Latent Semantic Space Discovery from Content and Context Links in Social Media slides
  3. Mert Dikmen:Camera Network slides

2.2 Dan Roth's Group

  1. Jeff Pasternack: Knowing What to Believe and Who to Trust in the Presence of Conflicting Information slides
  2. Dan Roth: Indirect Supervision for Natural Language Processing and Information extraction slides

2.3 Tarek Abdelzaher's Group

  1. Eunsoo Seo: Sub-graph Mining for Provenance Graphs slides
  2. Mohammad Maifi Hasan Khan: Analysis of Provenance Graphs in Search for "Bad" Patterns slides
  3. Hossein Ahmadi: Optimizing Quality of Information in Data Fusion under Network Resource Constraints slides

2.4 Jiawei Han's Group

  1. Ming Ji: Graph-based Classification on Heterogeneous Information Networks slides
  2. Chi Wang: Role Discovery and Community Outlier Detection on Information Network slides
  3. Zhenhui Jessie Li: Mining Moving Objects and Cyber-Physical Networks slides
  4. Bo Zhao, Hongbo Deng: Multi-dimensional Text Mining and Google News Project slides
  5. Yizhou Sun: Similarity Search and Evolution Detection in Heterogeneous Information Networks slides
  6. Manish Gupta: Evolutionary Clustering and Analysis of Heterogeneous Bibliographic Networks slides

General Overview of INARC Research at UIUCResearch overview of Jiawei Han's GroupResearch overview of Tarek Abdelzaher's Group

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