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Information Networks

Information Network research involves multiple research areas and thus the publications spread in the conferences and journals in multiple research areas.  Here is an area-based list of research publication venues.

Areas of interest

DB (database systems), DM (data mining and knowledge discovery), ML (machine learning), IR (information retreival and text analysis), WWW (web), HCI (human computer interaction), SN (Social networks), SenSys (sensor networks and systems), NLP (Natural language processing and understadning).


=== Conferences ===
 * SIGMOD: ACM SIGMOD Conf on Management of Data (one of the two flagship conferences on database systems)
 * VLDB: Very Large Data Bases (one of the two flagship conferences on database systems)
 * PODS: ACM SIGMOD Conf on Principles of DB Systems (top theoretical conferences on database systems)
 * ICDE: IEEE Intl Conf on Data Engineering (leading IEEE conference on database systems)
 * ICDT: Intl Conf on Database Theory (a highly regarded international conference on database theory, but located in Europe)
 * EDBT: Extending DB Technology (a highly regarded international conference on database systems, but located in Europe)
 * CIKM: Intl. Conf on Information and Knowledge Management (its spectrum covers DB, DM, and IR)

=== Journals ===
  * IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (IEEE TKDE)
  * ACM Transactions on Database Systems (ACM TODS)
  * Data and Knowledge Engioneering
  * The VLDB Journal (and PVLDB)


=== Conferences ===
 * SIGKDD: ACM Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (flagship conference on knowledge discovery and data mining)
 * ICDM: IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (leading IEEE conference on knowledge discovery and data mining)
 * SDM: SIAM International Conference on Data Mining  (leading SIAM conference on knowledge discovery and data mining)
 * PKDD: European Conf on Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases
 * PAKDD: Pacific-Asia Conf on Know. Discovery & Data Mining

=== Journals ===
 * Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery (Springer) (first KDD journal in the field)
 * ACM Transactions on Knowledge Discovery from Data (IEEE TKDD) (a leading KDD journal in ACM)


=== Conferences ===
 * IJCAI: Intl Joint Conf on AI
 * AAAI: American Association for AI National Conference
 * ICML: Intl Conf on Machine Learning
 * UAI: Conference on Uncertainty in AI
 * UM: Intl Conf on User Modeling
 * NIPS: Neural Information Processing Systems
 * AGENTS: International Conference on Autonomous Agents
 * ECML: European Conf on Machine Learning

=== Journals ===
 * IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (IEEE PAMI)
 * Machne Learning (Springer)
 * Artificial Intelligence (Springer)


=== Conferences ===
 * SIGIR: ACM SIGIR Conf on Information Retrieval (flagship conference on information retrieval)
 * WWW: World-Wide Web Conference (flagship conference on World Wide Web)
 * WSDM: Web Search and Data Mining
 * ICIS: Intl Conf on Information Systems
 * ECIR: European Conf. on Information Retrieval

=== Journals ===
 * ACM Transactions on Information Systems (ACM TOIS)
 * World-Wide Web (Elsevier)


=== Conferences ===
 * CHI: Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
 * UIST: ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology.
 * CSCW: ACM conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work.
 * ECSCW: European Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work. Alternates yearly with CSCW.
 * ICMI: International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces.
 * MobileHCI: International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services.
 * DIS: ACM conference on Designing Interactive Systems.
 * NIME: International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression.
 * HRI: ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-robot interaction.
 * IUI: International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces.
 * Ubicomp: International Conference on Ubiquitous computing
 * ASSETS: ACM International Conference on Computers and Accessibility

Social networks

=== Conferences ===
 * ASONAM : Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining
 * GROUP: International Conference on supporting group work

Sensor networks

=== Conferences ===
 * SENSORCOMM - International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications
 * NDSS - Network and Distributed System Security Symposium
 * INFOCOM - IEEE Conference on Computer Communications
 * WiSec - ACM Conference on Wireless Network Security
 * PerCom - IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications
 * IPSN - International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks
 * NSDI - Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation
 * DSN - International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks (preliminary dates)


=== Conferences ===
 * ACL: Association for Computational Linguistics (since 1963)
 * EACL: European Association for Computational Linguistics
 * COLING: Intl Conf on Computational Liguistic
 * EMNLP: Conf on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing

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