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Information Network Academic Research Center

Information Network Academic Research Center, led by University of Illinois, is one of four research centers of Network Science Collaborative Technology Alliance) (NS CTA) supported by Army Research Lab (ARL).  The INARC center will work closely with three other centers, working on Social-Cognitive Networks (SNARC, led by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), Communications Networks (CNARC, led by Pennsylvania State University), and an Interdisciplinary Research Center (IRC, led by BBN Technologies).

The Information Network Academic Research Center (INARC) will address the research challenges inherent in complex, mobile, self-forming, and rapidly-changing information networks such as those utilized on the battlefield by the Army, perform foundational cross-cutting research on information network science, resulting in greatly enhanced human performance for network-enabled warfare and in greatly enhanced speed and precision for complex military operations.  The Center's research is to address information network challenges in this environment requires a multi-disciplinary approach that breaks new ground and builds on existing research in communication, information, and social and cognitive research.

The INARC center will bring together a team of world-class researchers in several disciplines, with Illinois as the principal member, UC-Santa Barbara, IBM, and CUNY as general members, and Carnegie Mellon University, University of Michigan, Northwestern University, and Palo Alto Research Center as sub-awardees.

This website is used by Information Network Academic Research Center for publishing and sharing information among the members of its Research Center, its Research Consortium (NS CTA), and other interested parties.

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