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Welcome to the Dr. Everitt's Neighborhood Wiki!  Dr. Everitt's Neighborhood is the independent, student run guide to ECE at Illinois.

For several semesters, Dr. Everitt's Neighborhood has been distributing online surveys to students in ECE courses. We asked students for feedback on student demographics, difficulty, relevant courses, and any extra general advice regarding the class, and we have organized all of the data we received into histograms and tables for students to peruse. The results are available to the public under the Survey Portal link in the sidebar, and we hope this data is useful in organizing your future semesters!

Over the past few months, DEN has worked with the HKN Corporate Committee to connect with the farthest reaches of the HKN corporate network. To supplement the extensive academic advice offered in DEN, we sought to illuminate the transition from an academic environment to a professional setting. What does it mean to be a professional engineer? Respectfully minding the time we asked of our industry contacts, we tried to simplify as well as quantify the questions we asked as much as possible. We compiled the answers we found into the Engineering Industry Prospectus.

We sought to define prerequisites of professionalism. One component is the specialized knowledge you will gain from your coursework; another is your ability to work on technical problems in a team. We identified the coursework necessary for you to do a job with confidence, and the co-curricular activities that corporate recruiters value. Furthermore, we have begun to map out the network of career paths that lie ahead of you, and we tried to put a vision to each node with the "Day in the Life" section so that you can posit the future possibilities.

In summary, we sought out the industry expectations for aspiring young professionals. While this information may seem like a concrete rubric of targets to hit, know that it is transient. We hope that this will serve as a starting point for you to ruminate the career that lies ahead of you. As they say - you are an artist, and your career, a masterpiece.

Happy painting.

DEN would not be possible without the students who have taken the time to write about their experiences in ECE.  We'd like to thank all our contributors for their help.


Please note that the course reviews were written based on the way courses were taught in the past. The ECE department and professors can, and do change the way courses are taught.

Please Contribute!

We would love your help making Dr. Everitt's Neighborhood better; log in and start contributing!  For ideas on what to help with, check out our Ideas for Contributors page.  If you plan to contribute, please check out our Writing Guidelines and Procedure for Contributing.

If you see a course review that is outdated, let us know. If you think the author was crazy and the opinions are totally wrong, help us fix it. If you want to write a review for a course that doesn’t have one yet, get to it.  If you have some ideas of how to make DEN better, please give us your input.


If you have any questions about Dr. Everitt's Neighborhood, feel free to email Sam Buercklin (buerckl2@illinois.edu), or ask in our forums.

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