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Latest News
Feb. 12. 2014: Congrats to Chi for his SIGMOD'14 tutorial acceptance!
Feb. 12. 2014: Congrats to Fangbo, heng, George, Chi, Ahmed, Jialu, Xiang and Yizhou for their SIGMOD demo acceptance!
Jan. 1. 2014: Congrats to Rui Li and Chi Wang for their WWW'14 papers acceptance!
Dec. 28. 2013: Congrats to Marina, Chi, Manish, and Xiang for the SDM'14 papers acceptance!
Dec. 28. 2013: Congrats to Jingjing for her research paper accepted by WWW'14!
Nov. 25. 2013: Congrats to Xiao, Xiang, Quanquan for their papers accepted by WSDM'14!
Oct. 15. 2013: Congrats to Manish and Jing for their paper accepted by ICDE 2014!
Sep. 17. 2013: Congrats to Chi, Hyungsul, Marina, Xiang, Jialu, Yizhou and Nihit for their ICDM 2013 accepted papers!
Aug. 9. 2013: Congrats to Rui Li for paper "Towards Social Data Platform ..." accepted to VLDB!
Jan. 25, 2013: Congrats to Xin, Jing, Yizhou for papers accepted at TKDE and TKDD!
Jan. 16, 2013: Congrats to Ming for her smooth passing of Ph.D. prelim exam!

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da·is (dā'ĭs)
1. A platform raised above the floor at one end of a hall or room, as in a banquet room, classroom, etc.
2. The database and information systems researchers at UIUC.

About Us
The Database and Information Systems Laboratory (DAIS) conducts fundamental and cutting-edge research in Databases, Data Mining, Web Mining, Information Retrieval, and Bioinformatics.

Current topics include:
  • Information Network Analysis
  • Knowledge Discovery in Cyberphysical Systems
  • Assured Information Sharing Lifecycle
  • Mining Moving Objects, Trajectories, RFID, and Traffic Data
  • OLAPing and Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Text Data
  • Sequential and Structured Pattern Discovery: Classification, Clustering and Outlier Analysis
  • Multidimensional Analysis and Ranking in Databases, Web, and Other Information Repositories
  • Web Indexing and Search for Dynamic Mining
  • Augmented Reality Information Search Engine
  • Bioinformatics: Identifying regulatory influences on genes
  • Bioinformatics: Evolutionary comparisons of regulatory sequences
  • Opinion-Driven Decision Support System
  • User-Centered Adaptive Information Retrieval (UCAIR)
  • QueryClinic: Improve Search Accuracy for Difficult Queries
  • Social Surfing: Organizing Search Logs into Topic Maps for Guided Navigation
  • Recommender System for Social Networks
  • Contrastive Opinion Summarization
  • Robust, EFfective, and Optimal Retrieval Models (REFORM)
  • Multimodal Information Access and Synthesis
  • Image-Text Parsing for Understanding Social and Political News Events
  • Event Cube: An Organized Approach for Mining and Understanding Anomalous Aviation Events
  • A Framework for Managing the Assured Information Sharing Lifecycle
  • Architecture for the Safe Composition of Complex Medical Systems

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