University of Illinois (UIUC) Computer Security Reading Group

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CS591RHC (Since Fall 2000) 

For any question contact the TAs Kevin Larson klarson5 at
NEW TIME for Spring 2014: SRG meets Wednesdays at 5pm in room 4124 of Siebel Center.

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The Security Reading Group is a weekly seminar for discussing research papers, emerging problems, interesting issues in computer and network security. It started as an informal discussion forum between some System Software Research Group students and now it has grown up to be a seminar class. Any graduate-level students interested in these topics are welcome to join. This class is supervised by professor Roy H. Campbell, from the department of computer science.

Please note that we also post interesting project ideas that come up during discussions, in case you're looking for project ideas for a thesis, etc.

Course Policies

  • You are allowed to miss at most three seminars. Attendance requirements are pretty strict. The TA will keep track of the attendance.
  • Everybody is required to read the paper before the seminar. We are a reading group, and nobody "presents" the paper.
  • We pick one person we call the moderator for every seminar. The moderator is responsible for:
    • Writing a short "draft" summary of the paper before the seminar describing why it is relevant and interesting, and how it relates to other work,
    • Reading the draft summary during the first 5-10 minutes of the seminar,
    • Preparing a list of 10-15 discussion questions, usually questioning the assumptions and critically evaluating the paper,
    • Steering the discussion,
    • Incorporating user comments into the draft summary, and
    • Posting the final summary on this space at most within a week of the seminar.
  • We also have two people, each prepares a list of pros and cons about the paper and presents it after the summary is read out by the moderator.
  • Everybody moderates at least once and does a few pros or cons (depending on the size of our group).
  • The aim is to try to select recent security papers from quality conferences or journals:
  • Make sure you check the list of papers that were already presented (on this page and in the archives) before you pick your paper.
  • The paper for discussion with all relevant info (including the URL) should be posted on this space no later than 8 days before the seminar.  

Instructions for Using Agora Web Space

  • Login using the link at the upper-right corner of the page
  • Navigate to the link above corresponding to the papers for the current semester
  • To volunteer for a role, edit the page and type your name into the appropriate field (Moderator, Pros, or Cons).  
  • When you're moderator and pick a paper:
    • Put the title and authors of the paper on the first column
    • Put the conference or journal name and year in the second column
    • Create a new page using the title of the page as name and link it to the title of the paper to the page
    • Put your summary and motivation.
    • Save the page
  • After the seminar, the moderator need to go back to the paper page and add a summary of pro, cons, and comments that came up during the discussion in class.

Archive of old papers on old site

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