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Welcome to the UIUC Computer Science Department Agora! This space is the home for documentation and policies about Agora which is implemented using Confluence from Atlassian .

Why the name Agora? Agoras, in particular the Ancient Agora of Athens, were the social, cultural, business and administrative centers of their cities. Our Agora is intended to be all of these things and more for our department.

Getting started with Agora

Agora can be thought of as a collection of independent websites. Start with the short Introduction to learn the very basics of navigating through Agora. Continue with the Tutorial to learn more about navigating and the basics of editing pages. The most common editing tasks are explained in the Instructions for common editing tasks. The FAQ section provides answers to specific questions, mainly technical questions about space and page permissions.

Tools to help you edit pages

We have installed plugins and macros that allow you to easily insert Excel spreadsheets, include calendars, display math symbols or html or even insert Sudoku puzzles among other things. The Macros tutorial page shows how to use macros and the result you get in a page. Their are also macro listings below.

Ready for your own space?

Using RSS with Agora to get information when you want it

Our rules and policies

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