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ABE@Illinois Undergraduate Student Handbook

Contents: Advising FormsAdvising FAQsTransfer InformationUseful LinksFor ABE Advisors (restricted access)

Advising Forms

Advising FAQs

Who is my advisor in ABE?

What is a DARS audit report?

What courses should I take? In what sequence?

What is the ABE Learning Community?

I would like to register for more than 18 credit hours in one semester.  What do I need to do to get the overload approved?

What are Discovery Courses?

What is the James Scholar Program?

I want to get involved in pre-professional activities.  Any suggestions?

I am interested in studying abroad.  Where do I start?

I am planning to take a class at my local community college over the summer.  How do I know the class is equivalent to a course at the University of Illinois and that it will transfer?

I would like to re-take a course to replace a "bad" grade.  How does re-taking a course affect my overall GPA and transcript?

I would like to drop a course.  How can I do this?

Transfer Information

Does ABE accept transfer students?

What is the procedure for transferring in to ABE? 

When is the best time to transfer to ABE? 

What form do I use? 

What is the procedure to switch from ACES to COE? 

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